About Your Livermore Wedding Photographers

Mike and Toni team up to provide you with the ultimate Livermore Valley wedding experience. Their combined 40 years of wedding photography experience will ensure that you receive amazing wedding photography but also friendly service. One of the reasons we decided to create this website specializing in Wine Country wedding photography is because we both have successfully completed so many weddings in this area that we have become experts. We know where to take our couples after the ceremony is over depending upon the time of the day or season. Each Livermore venue has its own unique qualities and it is important to hire wedding photographers who can recognize these attributes and deliver them to the bride and groom. Familiarity with each particular wedding venue really helps with photo quality. It also prevents you from missing something important at your carefully chosen location. We like to think of us providing personalized service to each of our couples for their livermore wedding. We do this by getting to know what you are looking in terms of style and romanticism and then custom tailor our photography coverage to you.

Photography Equipment

Both Toni and Mike use Nikon cameras for their Livermore wedding photography assignments. We currently have a Nikon D4s, Nikon D800, Nikon D750 and a Nikon D7200. We use some of the sharpest prime lenses available on the market including a 35mm 1.4, 85mm 1.4, and a 20mm 2.8. In addition to these prime lenses we use a number of high quality Nikkor zoom lenses including the very popular 24-70mm 2.8 and 16-35mm 4.0. We also sometimes deploy the legendary Nikkor 180mm 2.8. This is one of the sharpest lenses I have ever used! Despite all of this great equipment, we firmly believe that the most important part of all of this are the photographers themselves. Today's Camera equipment is so advanced that virtually any of the newer cameras will do the job at your wedding. It's the person holding the camera that matters! That being said, we definitely try to update our equipment often to make sure we have cutting edge equipment and the latest innovations in camera technology. We will be adding mirrorless cameras to our equipment inventory soon.

We Photograph all of our Livermore Weddings!

We never use outside subcontractors or temporary workers. We will not book your date if one or both of us are not available to shoot your wedding. Our second shooters have all worked for us multiple times and fully understand how we work. This type of approach ensures that our clients receive a consistent result throughout their wedding album or listed pictures. More importantly, it gives you, the client a realistic understanding of our style and how your own photo shoot will turn out. Imagine a photography studio that uses mostly outside contractors. Why even bother to look at their photos displayed on the website. Who knows who took the photos that are up on these websites? Does it provide you any real idea of how your photos will look? The obvious answer is no. On our website, ALL of our photos were taken by our own photographers so when you book us, you know what you will be getting! Toni and Mike are your primary photographers and one of us and most like both will be your wedding photographers. 95% of all the photos on this site were created by Mike and Toni.

Wedding Photography Style Choices

This is a very common question asked of us. What is your wedding photography style? Perspective clients always want to know if we take lots of candid photos. They want to mood captured of their wedding and all of the fun recorded for future memories. We cover your wedding in a documentary style which means that your final result needs to tell the story of your day. In my mind, however, this does not mean simply showing up to your wedding and snapping off 1,000 candid shots and then leaving. You need a Livermore wedding photographer who will involve themselves in your photo shoot, but remain unobtrusive. There is more to wedding photography then being a "fly on the wall" as some people like to refer to themselves as. We will be actively involved in helping the bride and groom create amazing and memorable pictures, but we also know when to back off and let things happen. We will pose the bride and groom but we will NOT over pose you. You will feel comfortable and relaxed with us throughout the photo shoot!