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Livermore Winery Wedding Photographer

One of our specialties at Dubnoff Wedding Photography is shooting weddings at local wineries, especially in the Livermore Valley Wine Country. We have photographed weddings at many beautiful wineries in the Northern California area with the majority of them in the Livermore Wine Country. This web page features wedding photography at some of the most popular wineries in and around the city of Livermore and Pleasanton. You will see wedding photos from Wente Vineyards, Casa Real, Murietta's Well, Rio-Lovell Winery, Garre Vineyards, Elliston Vineyards and The Palm Event Center. To look at some examples of the wedding photographer's work click Livermore Wedding Photography. We just created a new website featuring San Francisco City Hall wedding photography - please click here.

Wedding Photography Experience Counts!

Dubnoff Wedding Photography has been a wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 20 years. Our images combine an ideal blend of photojournalism and traditional wedding photography. If you have chosen the scenic Livermore Valley area as a place to have your wedding, you owe it to yourself to chose a wedding photographer you can trust. We have photographed over 1,400 weddings in Northern California creating lasting memories for our couples . Once the wedding is over, all you have left is the photographs, why not choose a wedding photographer who has experience at your venue and knows where to take you for the best pictures possible. At Dubnoff Wedding Photography all of our packages include at least 2 wedding photographers present at your event. We have affordable packages for every budget and coverage time.

To check our availability for your wedding day, please use our Contact page. We will send you a response within 12 hours letting you know if your date is available and answer any questions you may have. Mike Dubnoff has been a wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995. Serving from San Francisco to Stockton and San Jose to Northern Sonoma and all areas in between. Call Dubnoff Wedding Photography today! Please check out our San Francisco City Hall Pricing page for photos of recent weddings and the latest news. We also specialize in City Hall Wedding Photography, if you are interested in learning more, please click San Francisco wedding photography. For San Francisco City Hall Yelp Reviews click the link.

Favorite Livermore Wedding Venues

This section of our website is really the most important. As Livermore wedding photographers, we have had the privilege of shooting weddings at every major venue in the valley. This guide will help you understand the best things about each of the listed venues.

  • Wente Vineyards - We have photographed over 10 weddings at Wente in Livermore. This is a full service wedding venue that can accommodate any full wedding or reception. They have a lovely area down by the Wine Cellar where you can have your ceremony. It is nicely shaded most of the day and on the grass. After the ceremony, Wente offers a large variety of picture taking opportunities. Ask to go into the cellar room and you will find hundreds of wine barrels that make a great backdrop. After a photo tour of the barrel room, we take our couples on the big circle around the grass, stopping along the way for various wedding photography opportunities. Depending upon the time of the year, we can finish the formal shoot back by the reception area in the Rose Garden.
  • Palm Event Center - I am guessing that I have photographed more Livermore Winery weddings at the Palm Event Center than anywhere else! It is definitely a favorite spot of ours if only for the multitude of premium picture taking spots throughout the grounds. What definitely sets The Palm Event Center apart from other Livermore wedding venues is the fact that there are gorgeous areas to photograph the bride and groom both in and out of the building. We also love how they treat their wedding photographers and other vendors at the Palm Event Center. They are really focused on making your wedding a great experience for everyone.
  • Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery - We have photographed 3 full weddings at Casa Real and have loved all of them. The staff there really makes the wedding vendors feel important which is not always the case at some venues. There is a magnificent spot at Casa Real out in front of the building that is kind of like an outside hallway. The resulting amazing natural light that ends up being there can make for truly breathtaking Livermore wedding photography. One thing to note, that have a strict policy of not allowing the couple to head over to the nearby tasting room for wedding photography.
  • Poppy Ridge - This wedding venue is located in Livermore, California and is also the home of a very nice golf course. The inside of the reception venue is truly spectacular and modern. Some great opportunities for wedding picture taking indoors. The outside is beautiful too, but if I have any issue with this venue, it would be the lack of shade outdoors. This location is relatively new so the trees have not had the chance to grow large yet. So hot days at Poppy Ridge can be difficult. Overall, I love the spot and highly recommend it as a Livermore Wine Country wedding venue.
  • Garre Vineyards - If you are a prominent Livermore wedding photographer, chances are you have shot weddings Garre Vineyards. Since they completely remodeled (rebuilt actually) the event center, Garre has been attracting many couples looking for a nice spot for their Livermore Valley Wine Country wedding. Despite the newness of the event center, Garre Vineyards has been hosting weddings for many many years. The trees are well established providing the couple with lots of shade for hanging out and for exceptional wedding photography. My only complaint about this venue is that the outdoor ceremony location is surrounded on 3 sides with parking lot. This makes it challenging to take ceremony pictures without parked cars in the background. If this is a concern for you, talk to your Livermore wedding photographer before the event and let them know. There are ways to minimize the cars in the background. I would rank this is a very minor problem and one that can be avoided by using the proper photographic angles. Garre Vineyards ranks very high on our list as one of the best Livermore wedding venues.
  • Murrietta's Well - This beautiful winery that is affiliated with Wente Vineyards is well suited to events. They have a lovely reception area in the wine cave and then dancing just outside. Should rain become a problem, they have room in the cave to host indoors. Picturesque vineyards surround the property with many great areas for wedding photography. Because the winery is built into the side of a hill, the grand entrance has the bride and groom walking down steps for all to see. Its really is a great place in the Livermore Wine Country. Here is a link for more information about this Wedding Venue - One of our favorites: Livermore Weddings, Murietta's Well
  • More of the best Livermore wedding photographer locations being added to this list soon!

Livermore Wedding Photography - Ceremony in the Barrel Room

Why Have Your Wedding at a Winery

  1. Major Vineyards are sure to have top notch accommodations nearby. If you are like most people, chances are you will be inviting out of town guests to your Livermore wine country wedding. Choosing a vineyard ensures that there will be superior hotel accommodations nearby. This makes it very convenient for your guests and provides them with the opportunity to turn your wedding event into their own abbreviated Wine country vacation getaway.
  2. The booze will be brilliant. You don't have to worry about the bar when you have a wedding at a Livermore winery. You will be able to serve great wine and other related alcoholic beverages. You can even arrange for a special wine tasting party for the wedding group through the winery.
  3. The Wedding Photography will be incredible. Livermore wineries (and others) offer many options for a wedding photographer to drool over. Why? The main reason has something to do with the fact that virtually every winery offers nice indoor AND outdoor places to take wedding pictures of the bride and groom. Most wineries have big cellar doors and also a barrel room for great indoor photo opportunities. On the outside you will have beautiful building architecture and combine that will shots out in the vineyard itself.
  4. Have your wedding indoors and outdoors or both! The facilities at most wineries offer many alternatives for your ceremony and reception. Venues such as the Palm Event Center have a gorgeous and spacious barrel room for an indoor ceremony. Out in the backyard, you will find a large lawn area which lots of room for partying. Your guests can even wander out into the romantic vineyard and check things out.
  5. Stuff to do in the immediate vicinity. Because the California wine country draws lots of tourists from all over the world, other areas of interest tent to pop up. Whether it be car museums, fancy hotels, or rock concerts, there always seems to be a multitude of things for people to do in the area. This is great when you are inviting guests to your wedding from other part of the country. They will be able to keep themselves entertained before and after the wedding.

Livermore Wedding Photography with a Smile

We are more than thrilled to be chosen to photograph so many Livermore Valley weddings. We enjoy the winery setting so much and are wine lovers ourselves so its a perfect fit for us. We promise that you will receive the most friendly service possible from your Livermore wedding photographers. We pride ourselves on making sure we always keep a friendly demeanor even during the most demanding weddings. Our couples deserve the best photography service and we deliver it! We enjoy what we do and it shows.

Livermore Wedding Ceremony at Garre Vineyards

How to Search for the Best Wedding Photographers

Where do you start? Any married couple would love to have the best wedding photographer possible for their Livermore winery wedding, but how do you find someone amazing? What are the best steps? I will attempt to go over some of the best ways to search for and select the best Livermore wedding photographer.

Searching on Google or other search engines - This is a good way to generate a list of quality and well established wedding photographers. Chances are that most of the search results appearing on the first page will be companies that have been around for a while. Google gives some priority to websites with some domain age. Is this the only factor? Not even close, but it is a factor. In general, however, the top ranking Google sites have nothing to do with picture quality. It has more to do with how adept the wedding photographer's website professionals are with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So feel free to search for wedding photographers on Google, but dont think that because you search for "best wedding photographer" that you will actually find the best. Take your resulting list and do some additional research.

Search on Yelp for Local Wedding Photographers - You can either take your list for wedding photographers from the Google search results and check them out on Yelp or just search on Yelp itself. Once you have found some Livermore wedding photographers that look good, check out their Yelp Rating, but more importantly read the actual reviews. I feel like you learn a lot more about the quality and style of a wedding photography by reading the details and not just going by scores!

Talk to Your Wedding Venue - This one is a little tricky because many Wedding Venues now have built in approved wedding photographers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but I am not sure how accurate the recommendations are. That being said, it is definitely worthwhile to at least ask. I strongly recommend asking follow up questions once the suggestion is made. A simple question is "Why?" Make the venue coordinator tell you why they are recommending this wedding photographer. Ask for specifics and make sure the answers they provide you match the style and quality you are looking for.

Talk to recently married friends and relatives - This one is obvious and should be one of the best ways to ensure you find a great Livermore wedding photographer. However, even this solution has potential problems. To be safe, dont just take your friends word for it. Ask them to show you photos from their wedding. If the style and quality you see matches your needs, then go for it!

Things to avoid: The most important thing to understand is that you can pretty much completely ignore Wedding Vendor referrals unless you know the vendor personally. Why? Because many wedding vendors simply trade referrals with other vendors. I have had multiple wedding vendors offer to refer me to their clients if I would agree to refer them mine. How does this help the bride and groom? it doesn't! At the very best, the wedding vendors referring each other might have worked together at an event. But can a DJ or Cake person really make a recommendation of a wedding photographer if they have not even seen the work? Not likely.

Family Heritage in San Francisco Art

It started with my mother who is an accomplished San Francisco Artist. For many years, my mother has been painting San Francisco scenes including Victorian houses and other iconic destinations. As a young boy, I wanted to emulate her and find my artistic outlet, but I was not much of a drawer or sketch artist. Finally, my dad gave me his camera and I was hooked. I spent an incredible amount of time taking pictures of everything including my friends. As time went on, I even used my girlfriends for practice models. But my love of San Francisco comes from being a native and having a mother who loved painting scenes from the city. Despite not inheriting my mothers painting skills, I feel like I was blessed with some of her artistic ability, but it came in a different way. My mother's other love was painting vineyard scenes so it always strikes me that 2 of my specialties within wedding photography are San Francisco weddings and Livermore winery weddings.